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4th WORLD FEEDER Championship for Clubs
(42.14147949, 24.70242691)
October 22-24 BULGARIA, Plovdiv/Rowing Canal
To FIPSED Member Nations and National Sports Fishing Federations.
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Fishing events, competitions and tournaments
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the best service for all participants and organizers of these tournaments, conpetitions and events.
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With our services you receive up-to-date information about upcoming, current and past fishing competitions and tournaments. It is easy to find the necessary details about the dates of the event, the rules of the event, the location, the discipline, the teams, the competitors, the prize fund and much more.
As a participant or organizer you get access to advanced functionalities of the platform such as:
  • Search for competitions and tournaments
  • Registration for participation
  • View results and rankings
  • Organizing competitions and tournaments
  • Registration of teams and competitors
  • Automatic or manual draw
  • Calculation of results and rankings in real time
  • and many others
Easy to use
Get rid of the heavy administration
Why waste time and nerves on time-consuming processes of registration and calculation of rankings in competitions and tournaments? Our services make it easier and canceler in the most difficult activities, providing you with options for automatic recording and calculation.
You can easily create and publish an event and see who wants to participate.
Instead of creating multiple posts, documents and spreadsheets, you can directly manage registrations, draws, results and rankings in one place, in real time with the functionality to manage competitions and tournaments.
Answering inquiries and explanatory questions of participants takes a long time. It can be saved by using a system in which all the necessary information is available and accessible.
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Our services are available from all types of devices: mobile phones, tablets and computers.
We know it's important to have real-time and on-the-go information wherever you are.
That's why we've created an intuitive and user-friendly interface to help you easily access information about your competitions and tournaments.
The design of the platform is based on modern technology so that it fits and looks good on small and large screens, on each of the devices you use.
It is easy and intuitive to register and check your results and rankings or to create new competitions and tournaments, to manage already announced events, from one place on your favorite device.
Real-time results
Timely and accurate information
Finding up-to-date and correct information is our main goal.
During a competition or tournament, each participant who has an active subscription plan has access to current results in real time.
The data we process, store and display is always updated by approved administrators by the organizers and / or competent judges.
We use social media to check user profiles or apply email registration to approve people who want to participate in the announced competitions and tournaments.
Each user of the platform has its own profile, where up-to-date and correct information is maintained.
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This can be done in two ways:
- logging with email and password
- logging with a social media account

My participations
The available Information about all covered competitions and tournaments
In "My participations" you can find in one place information about all your participations, team and individual rankings, team and individual draws for the training and competition days and complete information about each competition.
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